The Landscape and Nursery Association of Greater St. Louis encourages member participation in one or more of the Association's committees. Each year the work of the committees determines the value and success of the Association. The committees and corresponding responsibilities are as follows:

  • Program Committee: Pursues, reviews, recommends and expedites LNAGSL meeting programs for the fiscal year. This committee is automatically chaired by the President Elect.
  • Finance and Audit Committee: Reviews financial statements submitted by the Treasurer and manage the annual audit process. Reviews and recommends budgets for appropriate projects and Association business for the approval of the Board.
  • Membership Committee: Recommends Association enhancements for retention of existing and cultivation of new qualified members. Reviews proposals for new Honorary Members and proposes annual reinstatement of existing Honorary Members.
  • Scholarship and Education Committee: Develops the scholarship program and recommends the fiscal year scholarship budget, reviews and updates scholarship qualifications, solicits student scholarship applications, reviews scholarship application submissions and recommends the selection of scholarship winner(s). LNAGSL currently allocates 1 $1,000 Ornamental Horticulture Scholarships per fiscal year for higher education level students. This committee also coordinates and assists with marketing all educational support activities of the Association including, but not limited to the St. Louis Community College Continuing Education "Landscaping for Homeowners" spring and fall programs.
  • Public Relations and Marketing Committee: Reviews existing and potential materials and methods (including but not limited to: brochures, membership applications, press release opportunities and web site) for marketing and promoting the work and membership of the Association. Recommends enhancements to existing and development of new marketing materials and methods. Provides advisement to the Secretary regarding the appropriate use of the Association's official text font, emblem (logo) and colors. Manages and maintains the Association's current membership, leadership, calendar of events, scholarship application, membership application, bylaws and current financial information on both the www.stlouislandscape.org and www.hortco-op.org web sites.
  • Community Enhancement Committee: Pursues, reviews and recommends opportunities for the Association to provide service intended to enhance the physical and social aspects of the community. LNAGSL currently allocates an amount each fiscal year for an appropriate community enhancement project.
  • History Committee: Prospects, researches and documents the history of the LNAGSL. Tasks include: develop and maintain a chronological listing of past presidents; document the history of LNAGSL contributions to horticulture education and outreach in the community and document key moments in LNAGSL history.
  • Bylaws Committee: Receives bylaws review requests from the Board. Reviews Bylaws issues identified by the Board and recommends updates to the Bylaws for Board review and recommendation to the voting membership.
  • Nomination Committee: Responsible for proposing a slate of officers and board members to the membership. The committee shall consist of, as a minimum, the past two presidents. The committee shall report to the membership at the September, October and November meetings.
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