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The categories listed below are provided for your convenience when searching for purveyors of landscape products and services. Our membership represents the broad diversity of the Gateway region's "green industry", offering a value to their customers and clients. Members with web sites containing more detailed information are listed with their company name noted in bold green type.

Presentation of our membership directory is intended to help locate these green industry professionals within our community but is not necessarily intended as an endorsement of any one particular business.

Member information is managed by our Association's database and is updated frequently. Check back regularly for the latest information. We DO NOT wish to sell or share our membership directory for use as a mailing list.

NOTICE TO MEMBERS: Please return, to the Association's mailing address, your member profile with appropriate updates to maintain the accuracy of your directory listing on this web site.

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Horticultural Consultant
Public Horticulture
Florist (Retail)
Honorary Member
Garden Center (Retail)
Production Greenhouse (Wholesale)
Landscape Architect (State Registered)
Landscape Designer
Landscape Construction Services
Turfgrass Sod Grower (Wholesale)
Production Nursery (Wholesale)
Distributor (Wholesale)
Garden Writer & Public Speaker
Landscape Manager (on-site)
Horticultural Sales/Marketing (Wholesale)
Horticulture Educator
Landscape Care Services (Specialized)
Turfgrass Care Professional
Government Agency
Manufacturer (Wholesale)
Green Industry Professional Emeritus
Turfgrass Sod Grower (Retail)
Business Services Provider
Student (Active)
Ecological Services
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