Rita Diekemper
Rita Diekemper Employee Profile

The Treasurer shall collect all dues, assessments, fines and other revenue due to the Association, and shall maintain a current Association directory containing names, address and contact information of all Association members. The Treasurer shall be the general custodian of all funds belonging to the Association.  The Treasurer shall deposit said revenues in the name of the Association in such a bank or trust company as designated by the Board.  The Treasurer shall maintain an accurate record of all accounts and expenses and shall pay the bills of the Association via proper voucher or under instructions from the Association.  All un-budgeted expenditures over Four Hundred Dollars ($400.00) shall be approved by a simple majority of voting members present at a regular member meeting.  The Treasurer shall make a full and complete report regarding the financial condition of the Association at the January Board meeting and a summary transaction report at each member meeting.  The Treasurer shall submit the books to the Finance Committee for the annual audit, which will be at the end of the second quarter.  The Treasurer shall transfer all physical financial records and financial instruments of the Association to his or her successor.